Elmira Samkova L.Ac., OMD

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Elmira Samkova, OMD, Diplomat of NCCAOM,  Licensed Acupuncturist.
Elmira graduated from New York College of Health Professions more than 10 years ago. Her practice includes acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and Asian bodywork.
Her treatment program is a result of activating the body’s natural neurological and endocrine systems to promote healing, regenerative health and overall increased level of balance and personal wellbeing.
With over 10 years of experience,  she offers a curative approach to health issues from minor low back pain to serious problems  like fertility issues.
All can be effectively treated,  that allow patients to lead a more satisfying and complete lifestyle.

Elmira offers the following specialty programs
Fertility and Woman’s/man’s health.
Pain management.
Stress relief and emotional health
High blood pressure
Eating disorders.

Elmira has been with us since 2011 and is an essential part of the New U Physical Therapy rehabilitation team.



  • Speciality: Acupuncture
  • Education: Elmira graduated from New York College of Health Professions in 2004.
  • Availability: 7 days a week(late evenings and weekends)