Acupuncture Treatment Staten Island, NY

This treatment involves the insertion of thin needles into the body. Acupuncture treatment helps in relieving the stress through the body and carrying out the neurological treatment’s necessary to relieve it. There are additional methods that we also currently perform within Acupuncture treatment such as heat, pressure, and stimulation therapy as well.

Our Acupuncturists insert sterile needles at the pressure points to relieve the stress and bring peace to the body. Our expert acupuncturists in our Staten Island office assess each individual depending on their medical history on which methods will help relieve their pain. Our acupuncture treatments will do wonders for you in a way you never thought possible!

Neck Pain Treatment Staten Island, NY

Our expert acupuncturists treat patients with our top of the line equipment in treating neck pain at our Staten Island, NY office clinic. We promote and restore energy in your body, and this extends towards a variety of numerous conditions that our patients suffer from. Come and alleviate your neck pain with acupuncture at New u Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY!