Massage Therapy & Treatment Staten Island, NY & Central New Jersey

Our massage therapy clinic in our Staten Island, New York office is set up to make sure that our patient’s get the most relaxed massage therapy. Our massage therapies have been used to treat anxiety,everyday stress, headaches, sinus issues, migraines, arthritis, high blood pressure, and many other ailments. Massage Therapy has a history connected to approximately 3000 years back and is still counted amongst one of the best therapies in today’s society.

We Provide Many Types of Massage Therapies

The process of massage therapy differs based on the type of issues. Our expert massage therapist’s in our Staten Island, NY office make sure that each and every person is given the right treatment based on the type of health condition they need treated. Some of the commonly known massage therapies are:

Deep Tissue Massage: involves some forceful strokes that cover deeper muscular levels and connective tissues.

Swedish Massage: involves relaxing the muscles and energize the body using long strokes, tapping, and circular movements with the help of oils.

Trigger point Massage: targets the points that have the pain in a particular area, especially that are likely to have muscular stress.

Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage: involves massage for pregnant women, however safety of the mother and fetus is our priority; hence pillows are used for comfort.

New U Physical Therapy always keeps a keen eye on hiring the best massage therapists in our Staten Island, NY office, so our clients always receive world-class massage therapy services.