With new advancements in technology everyday, one such form of contemporary treatment is known as Pressotherapy or commonly called Lymphatic Drainage Massage. New U Physical therapy offers Pressotherapy in our Staten Island, NYoffice, with our highly skilled Pressotherapy experts.

What’s included in Pressotherapy Treatment’s?

Our Pressotherapy clinic’s in Staten Island, New York offers and serves all our patient’s beneficially and allows the body to turn slimmer and bring it back to shape.

At our Pressotherapy clinic’s, we carry out the treatment under expert supervision and within the process, the patient need’s to wear the suit with the elastic cuffs. They are further connected to an intake unit which creates a wave impact on the patient’s body. Thus, it leads to the lymphatic flow that removes the extra fat and venous blood from the body.

Our Staten Island, NY Pressotherapy Services provide the best-in-class treatment for our patients and such methods work depending upon the type of treatment needed. It is usually recommended for the treatment of cellulite, an alternative to liposuction, body profiling, and redefining the legs and stomach.

Lymphedema Treatment Staten Island NY:

Lymphedema occurs when lymphatic vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed (secondary), or when lymphatic vessels are impaired or missing (primary). Although it is not curable, research proves that it can be maintained and show decrease in symptoms in doing occupational and physical therapy. Here at New U Physical Therapy at our Staten Island, NY offices we offer Lymphedema treatment therapies that can drastically improve the quality of your life!